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Hollywood Theatre – Work in Progress Video Clip

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

We just uploaded a short clip of Joel Hamberg painting a railing at the Hollywood Theatre on our Facebook!

Here it is:

Hollywood Theatre – Front Facelift

Friday, November 4th, 2011


At first glance the feature that likely stands out most from the Hollywood Theatre renovations was the newly painted building front. Using colors selected by Art First’s Color Consultant, Mary McMurray, Joel Hamberg Painting used high quality paint from Sherwin Williams to finish the ceilings and walls of the outside entryway.

The orange color used for the walls is Sherwin Williams “SW-6354 Armagnac”, while the blue ceiling paint used is “SW-6516 Down Pour”. Both lively, bright colors help create a warm and inviting entryway while also complementing the terra cotta and the Hollywood sign.

Once again we’d like to give a huge “thanks!” to Sherwin Williams paint company for their support in the restoration of the Hollywood Theatre. Their donation of nearly $1000 worth of paints helped us in a very large way in the project. Make sure to keep Joel Hamberg Painting in mind for all your commercial and residential painting needs.


A New Look at the Hollywood Theatre

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

If you happen to be a resident of the NE Portland area, chances are you’ve heard the bustle about the recent restorations to the landmark Hollywood Theatre. Most notably of the changes to the theatre has been the bright new paint colors inside the lobby area. We at Joel Hamberg Painting are proud to have been involved in that change.

Along with the support of Sherwin Williams Paint and Color Consultant Mary McMurray from Art First Colors, (who respectively donated the paints and helped with the color selections), our employees volunteered over 170 hours of their time to the completion of this charity project. Our aim of this project is to help give back to the Portland community and be a part of restoring the historical landmark that is the Hollywood Theatre.

The new colors applied added so much more life and character to the theatre as we were aiming toward matching the theatre’s original historic colors. We have posted albums of the changes at our website and Facebook page. Please feel free to view the pictures and comment on them, we love the feedback!

As we get closer to summer and with it the warm sunny weather, we’ll begin our second phase of the project: The cleaning and painting of the theatre’s exterior. Stay tuned as our next blog entry will cover the progress.

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