November 8th, 2013

The Portland rain has come again!  That means the rush to get all exterior painting completed is also over.  We now have an enormous number of hours to fuss over your interior painting and wood restoration projects.  Please give us a call at  503-284-3167 or send us an email at to schedule a bid with Joel.   Let us do the work for you.

As usual, we can help you pick out some colors or refer you to a colorist or interior designer to help you with your project.

And remember that when you choose an environmentally friendly zero-VOC or low-VOC paint product, you don’t have have to live with the “stink” familiar when doing interior painting work.

Look out for a new post soon with photos of our recent interior painting work.


November 8th, 2013

In appreciation of all the pro-bono painting work done by Joel at the Hollywood Theatre, they’ve released a YouTube video about him.  The video also calls for more volunteers to help restore and maintain the theater.  Join Joel in keeping Portland’s history anew.

Also check out a great video also released by the theater about Beverly Lizader, an usherette in the 1940’s at the Hollywood Theatre.  You can see some images of the theater back in the 1920s.  Below is a picture of the theater marquee restored to its 1926 splendor.


August 13th, 2013

Back in March 2013, Joel Hamberg was among 3 recipients of Painting and Decorating Contractors of America’s Humanitarian of the year award.  This award is presented for recognition of extraordinary humanitarian achievements by members.  These achievements may or may not be involved with the painting or decorating industry.   The main reason for Joel’s recognition is due to his continued commitment to preserving and supporting the Hollywood Theatre, a local theatre he frequented as a child and his volunteering spirit to help where there is a need.

Please find a full list of all PDCA 2013 NATIONAL AWARD RECIPIENTS at:

Click on the link below to see a YouTube video on why Joel received the award

August 13th, 2013

Check out Joel’s passion for the Hollywood Theatre in the July 2013 issue of Portland Monthly magazine.  He describes his extensive free painting he has completed there to give back to the community.  We have attached the article below.


February 15th, 2012

Doug Whyte of the Hollywood Theatre has written an article on about our company! It’s quoted here:

Doug Whyte took over as the new Executive Director of the Hollywood Theatre late in 2010 as the organization was still struggling from the recession and the historic building was in desperate need of some TLC. In his first few months, Doug met Joel Hamberg from Joel Hamberg Painting, an enthusiastic movie lover with an affinity for the historic building. Given the theatre’s financial position at the time, Joel decided to help kick start some renovations by donating his services to paint the interior and exterior of the building. In addition to the painting, Joel also donated his time to clean and polish the beautiful terra cotta facade. This started an outpouring of community support: from electricians and plumbers to website designers and marketing gurus.

Then, when the theatre received a generous donation of seats, Joel and his crew came back and removed the 800+ 70-year old seats, patched and painted the floors, and painted the interior of the main auditorium. All pro bono again! Over the last year, Joel Hamberg has donated over $75,000 worth of services to the Hollywood Theatre, which has helped lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars of goods and services to be donated from others in the community (not to mention tens of thousands in cash donations!) Joel still comes by on a weekly basis to catch a film, always with a paint brush in hand, touching up any blemishes he comes across. It’s community members like this that keep Portland’s historic treasures alive!

Submitted by Doug Whyte, Executive Director, Hollywood Theatre




February 15th, 2012

Joel has been nominated and is currently a runner up for the Rebuilding Together’s Tradesperson of the Year award!! With your help, he may be the winner!

This award is given to someone who is involved in the community and uses their time and assets to contribute to others. Joel has donated over $60,000 worth of services to the nonprofit, historic Hollywood Theatre in Portland and also encouraged other tradespeople to contribute. His help has been instrumental in the turnaround of the historic building and the entire organization.

Cast your vote for Joel here:

(You can vote every 24 hours!)



November 17th, 2011

We just uploaded a short clip of Joel Hamberg painting a railing at the Hollywood Theatre on our Facebook!

Here it is:

November 17th, 2011

Holland Rule, who used to be a painter with us, is now working as a gutter cleaning specialist! His company is called PDX Clean King. We are currently having the “PDX Clean King” work for our customers as well. He also does moss removal, pressure and window washing. We highly recommend his high-quality work.

Check out his website for more info:

Or send him a direct email, to:



November 4th, 2011


At first glance the feature that likely stands out most from the Hollywood Theatre renovations was the newly painted building front. Using colors selected by Art First’s Color Consultant, Mary McMurray, Joel Hamberg Painting used high quality paint from Sherwin Williams to finish the ceilings and walls of the outside entryway.

The orange color used for the walls is Sherwin Williams “SW-6354 Armagnac”, while the blue ceiling paint used is “SW-6516 Down Pour”. Both lively, bright colors help create a warm and inviting entryway while also complementing the terra cotta and the Hollywood sign.

Once again we’d like to give a huge “thanks!” to Sherwin Williams paint company for their support in the restoration of the Hollywood Theatre. Their donation of nearly $1000 worth of paints helped us in a very large way in the project. Make sure to keep Joel Hamberg Painting in mind for all your commercial and residential painting needs.


August 31st, 2011

If you happen to be a resident of the NE Portland area, chances are you’ve heard the bustle about the recent restorations to the landmark Hollywood Theatre. Most notably of the changes to the theatre has been the bright new paint colors inside the lobby area. We at Joel Hamberg Painting are proud to have been involved in that change.

Along with the support of Sherwin Williams Paint and Color Consultant Mary McMurray from Art First Colors, (who respectively donated the paints and helped with the color selections), our employees volunteered over 170 hours of their time to the completion of this charity project. Our aim of this project is to help give back to the Portland community and be a part of restoring the historical landmark that is the Hollywood Theatre.

The new colors applied added so much more life and character to the theatre as we were aiming toward matching the theatre’s original historic colors. We have posted albums of the changes at our website and Facebook page. Please feel free to view the pictures and comment on them, we love the feedback!

As we get closer to summer and with it the warm sunny weather, we’ll begin our second phase of the project: The cleaning and painting of the theatre’s exterior. Stay tuned as our next blog entry will cover the progress.

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